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Shop for Test Drive Le Mans at e Bay Shop for Test Drive Le Mans at Toy Commander: On the surface, Toy Commander looks like a cheap third-party game that would only interest young kids, but this little Dreamcast gem actually has a lot of charm to it.


Shop for Ecco The Dolphin at e Bay Shop for Ecco the Dolphin on Samba De Amigo: (without maracas) This Latin-flavored rhythm game involves waving/shaking maracas in certain directions to match the upbeat music.(Some still consider it the best in the series up until Resident Evil 4) Shop for Resident Evil Code: Veronica at e Bay Shop for Resident Evil Code: Veronica at Ecco The Dolphin: Defender of the Future: Ecco the Dolphin for the Dreamcast is one of those rare instances of a company taking a 2D game (the Genesis and Sega CD originals) and making it work in 3D.Defender of the Future is an amazing looking game — the rich textures and animation really bring the sea life to life.Shop for Soul Calibur at e Bay Shop for Soul Calibur at Crazy Taxi: This arcade port was one of the main reasons I initially jumped on the Dreamcast.


Crazy Taxi gives you control of a cabby racing around two San Francisco-esque cities, picking up customers and dropping them at their required destinations by any means necessary.

Shop for Space Channel 5 at e Bay Shop for Space Channel 5 at Soul Calibur: This Dreamcast launch title is one of the best examples of the incredible graphics the little white box is capable off.


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    This month, Rizieq was also investigated over claims that he made defamatory comments in 2014 about one of Indonesia's founding fathers, Sukarno, and had questioned the legitimacy of the state ideology, Pancasila.

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    When it came to recoupling on Friday night's episode, which saw Theo Campbell dumped from the villa, Camilla's choice was clear although it seems fans were not prepared for her incredible words towards her new love.

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