Updating site certificates


In previous versions (Polycom SIP software 3.x or earlier) this manual process was not available.Also the firmware was packaged differently in the previous SIP versions as the device firmware was provided as two separate binary files, the bootloader image and the application image.You can check the expiration date for any course by locating the course under My courses and clicking the View transcript icon, which looks like a page with a corner tuned down.System requirements may vary between specific courses.

The Polycom SIP phones support a few different methods for software updates, most commonly utilizing a central FTP provisioning server so that all devices will check a single distribution point for configuration changes and new firmware images.

This process allows the device to be manually pointed to a Polycom hosted web server distribution point on the Internet to download and install new firmware packages from.

As of the writing of this article the Lync specific firmware release is not yet included on the Polycom Hosted Server, so primarily Open SIP only firmware releases will be available using this method.

In either case, you will receive an email containing information about the program and a link to follow to get started.

To activate a new account: Note: Every course that is assigned to you in a learning plan, or that you sign up for on your own, has an expiration date.

To print a learning plan transcript: Your profile contains information about you that can be viewed by instructors and administrators.



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