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and in 2006 he won the Camie award at the Character and Morality in Entertainment Awards for his part in The Reading Room.

He has since appeared in various features, including Permanent Midnight, But I'm a Cheerleader, A Time for Dancing, What's Cooking? On television, Spain appeared in the Emmy Award-winning Band of Brothers, and has made guest appearances on Star Trek: Voyager, Pacific Blue, Nash Bridges, Brooklyn South, Becker, The Practice, JAG, Family Law, CSI: Miami, The Mentalist, NCIS, and House M. He has directed the films Charity, Online, Crazy, Crazy Too and The Monster.

“The major synagogue, fallen into misfortune: raises her wailing voice, synagogue of Israel,” the poem continues.

“Her doors lie parched, she was penetrated by mobs, Muslims and Christians, who obliterated from there the children of Israel.” That synagogue, one of up to 10 in Toledo described in the poem, may refer to what is today called Santa María la Blanca.

These "historic regions" had no powers, no administrative organs, no common jurisdiction over the provinces grouped within them.

While many of the borders and inclusions in the provinces may at first appear arbitrary from a historical and geographical point of view, he was operating under a set of rational criteria: area (it was intended to be possible to travel between the capital and any point in the province in a single day), population (wherever feasible, the provinces had populations between 100,000 and 400,000), and geographic coherence.

The provincial division restored the traditional names of the Basque provinces and Navarre, which had been renamed in the 1822 territorial division of Spain, but few concessions were made to historic enclaves and exclaves.

The most important of these that were retained were the Rincón de Ademuz (part of Valencia, but located between Teruel and Cuenca) and the Treviño enclave (part of Burgos, but surrounded by Álava); another notable exclave is Llívia (part of Gerona, but one must pass 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) through France to reach it).

He was describing a pogrom, which he survived, that began in Seville and left thousands of Jews murdered after it spread to Barcelona, Córdoba, Seville, Toledo and Valencia.the regent Maria Christina attempted to find a moderate third way between the absolutist Carlists—the followers of the Infante Carlos—and the liberals.This mission was given to First Secretary of State Francisco Cea Bermúdez, leader of a government that lasted only into the following January, having been unable to satisfy either side, let alone both.News of the central government's decision overruling native institutions spread to the Basque districts, sparking uproar and anger.

The new design thus notably paved the way to the outbreak of the First Carlist War.

Dominican friar Vincent Ferrer, who was later canonized, arrived in the city in the early 15th century and saw Jewish “obstination, disbelief, and treachery.” He took armed men into the Jewish quarter and turned them out of their synagogue.


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