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Happy hour – with half-price cocktails with names like Green Nipple – runs right the way through to 9pm.

Party: Katie Belle’s Music Hall is where the action begins from 4pm when the early bird special meals start.

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So it's very difficult.'Once I told my friends and family a few years ago, they were very warm, welcoming and embracing to Miriam, which is very important.'Although attitudes are changing at the moment, it was very difficult to find a priest.'Many priests were warm and welcoming and said they'd like to the wedding, but they said that their federation wouldn't allow it.'I'm very grateful that we've been able to do this.

A Hindu and a Jewish woman have made history by tying the knot in what is believed to be Britain's first interfaith lesbian wedding.

Kalavati Mistry, of Leicester, and Miriam Jefferson, Texas, married on Saturday, 20 years after falling for each other on a training course.

Electronic golf carts – often with personalized number plates and flags – are the vehicle of choice because there are no corner shops or supermarkets in walking distance.

Special tunnels and bridges enable cart drivers to trundle safely over busy main roads.

And after getting her family's blessing the couple then struggled to find a Hindu priest to conduct the ceremony.


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