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This type of person lacks the insight and awareness that is necessary for a relationship to thrive, even through difficult times.

The failure of any relationship takes two, even if one person might be more at fault.

Emotionally unavailable people can be skilled at giving you enough to keep you interested and holding on for more, but never quite enough to satisfy your need for connection.

If you feel confused by a partner in this way, ask yourself if you feel anxious and hungry for connection more than you feel connected and secure with this person. A partner who struggles with being emotionally available may have a difficult time expressing emotion, or with handling your emotions.

In the beginning of any relationship that makes it past a few dates, it’s easy to feel infatuated with someone.

But then, you start to sense subtle changes and distancing.If you are feeling anxious, and needing more connection with your partner, and your partner meets you with criticism, a lack of support or understanding, or distances even more, take it as a sign that this is not a good connection for you.If your partner struggles with any kind of untreated addiction to drugs, work, sex, porn, etc., then it is highly unlikely that they will be able to make you a priority.Most people just decide not to listen, or because you feel so infatuated, you think it will be different with you. This partner will openly make statements about their dislike for marriage, commitment, or calling each other “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.” If you try to have the “commitment discussion” (which you will probably have to bring up because they won’t), he or she will tell you that they don’t want to be exclusive/move in together/get married.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can change someone over time.

This may happen after a great date, when you may have felt connected and intimate in some way.



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