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MORE: What to Do When He Begins to Pull Away This is a common thing guys do when they’re losing interest in a girl, or gearing up to break up with her.

It is sort of his way of trying to get out of having to be the bad guy who hurts you.

When he does these things, he may be intentionally trying to push you away.

Yes, it may seem childish, but it comes from a sort of good place, a place of him really not wanting to hurt your feelings.

Even if we’ve been out every night that week, I still get excited every time.” It’s as simple as that. When our fire is beginning to wane, we don’t have that same level of enthusiasm. Back when I was single and dating, I knew I was losing interest in a guy if I didn’t want to waste my makeup on him, or if I raced out the door without giving myself a second look.

It wasn’t because I was pressed for time, it was because I genuinely didn’t care! He doesn’t text back or gives you cold, one-word responses.

He would rather drive you crazy and get you to break up with him.

And just as you’re breathing that delicious sigh of relief, the panic reemerges and jabs you right between the ribs.He dated countless women, all wonderful, attractive, smart, etc., and one by one he dumped them all.



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