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f i ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA SECOND EDITION VOLUME 16 Pes-Qu Fred Skolnik, Editor in Chief Michael Berenbaum, Executive Editor MACIVIILLAN REFERENCE USA An imprint of Thomson Gale, a part of The Thomson Corporation IN ASSOCIATION WITH KETER PUBLISHING HOUSE LTD., JERUSALEM THOMSON * TWI Detroit • New York • San Francisco « New Haven, Conn. Other merchants dealt in wool garments, leather, and skins, and a variety of other goods.

» Waterville, Maine • London * TM ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA, Second Edition Fred Skolnik, Editor in Chief Michael Berenbaum, Executive Editor Shlomo S. However, alongside a few rich families, many others were impoverished and received financial help from the Jew- ish community.

Amatus Lusitanus called her the "divina." In 1548, Manoel Lopes Bichacho, formerly a leader of the Portuguese Nation in Antwerp, settled in Pesaro, where he obtained a condotta (banking license) from Guidobaldo, duke of Urbino.

In or around 1549, Leone (Yehudah), son of Samuel Abra- banel, moved to Pesaro from Ferrara, after a bitter quarrel with his mother, Benvenida, who opposed his relations with Luna, a Portuguese Jewess of exceptional beauty whom he later mar- ried.

Sephardi Jews were later readmitted and continued to engage, as before, in trade with the Levant.

Angelo, son of Zaccaria di Volterra, obtained the license of the bank which had formerly belonged to his family and later to Emanuel Bichacho. Duke Guidobaldo was so pleased with Angelo's performance that he praised him publicly and granted him a "perpetual" exemp- tion from local taxes.

Furthermore, there were bitter differences among the Jewish merchants in the Levant, some of whom did not par- ticipate in the boycott of Ancona. The duke of Urbino was embittered and disappointed by the unfulfilled attempts at developing the port of his city.

Unfor- tunately, the port of Pesaro did not have adequate facilities and was not deep enough for big merchant ships to berth in it.


They built a richly decorated synagogue officially designated as "Spanish and Le- vantine," but commonly called "Portuguese." After the expulsion of Jews from the Papal States in 1569, several refugees found shelter in Pesaro.

ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA, Second Edition, Volume 16 PESARO In 1556, in the wake of the persecutions against the for- mer *Marranos of *Ancona, several of them fled to Pesaro.


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