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I didn't like it – I guess it was the aldehydes, to me it smelled like Elnett hairspray, something that I still despise. But back then I also didn't appreciate good wines or double malt whiskey, which I started doing in my thirties.When I was about thirty, sitting on the motorbike behind a girl friend and holding tight on her while she drove, I smelled the most heavenly, feminine, mesmerizing scent.In the dry down I can smell the woods, the amber and a hint of vanilla. My first complain is the longevity: the Eau Premiere is very weak, beautiful but barely there and gone after a few hours.The Hair Mist is also very very nice, a bit more long lasting, with less aldehydes but still that alluring je ne sais quoi.But now I LOVE it(ill be 20 soon), I don't wear it every day, I wear it only on special days, and I do get compliments.On me it smells like vanilla(cozy), little bit of a baby powder, some type of flowers(deff not a rose), really light scent but sooo cozy, I only wear it during fall and winter, for summer its just too much, haven't tried during spring time.


It is hard to describe as I really can't pick single flower notes, only the aldehydes in the beginning and then something really beautiful, warm and alluring in the following hours. It has to be a skin scent, something that only people very close to you can perceive, other than that it can be obnoxious and repel people, especially men.The unique smell of frozen lakes and rivers fascinated him so much that he decided to replicate it in his creation.


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    It’s fun to read fics about them but I don’t properly ship it any more.

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    This in turn will make the other woman feel even more humiliated as she thought he didn’t like his wife like that.

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    shows you charts of your loans by balance, payment, and APR, so you know where to focus your payments.

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    Our scientific matching system will comparing your profile with millions of other geeks and get you a date with someone who gets you! Traditional dating sites don't get it, but on Gk2Gk we help you make sense of the dating world, and simplify your love search. Our community of geeks, nerds, and assorted dorks, is weirder than your local comic book hangout.

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