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Understanding the math behind all of this is a bit confusing, but the end result is the same: the ZS100 will produce better quality images and can produce more background blur than the ZS60, though you'll have to sacrifice both zoom power and money in order to get it.Using what we've learned from above, let's take a look at how the ZS100 fits among its 1" sensor peers: In this group, which includes cameras from Sony, Canon and Panasonic, you'll notice that the benefit of shorter, faster lenses: their equivalent apertures start low, and stay low.The lenses used on larger sensors tend to offer more control over depth-of-field, allowing you for blurrier backgrounds in portraits.The one area in which the ZS60 bests the ZS100 is in terms of zoom, as you can see by how much further the yellow line extends.I bought a sheet, cut it to fit my ZX100 and it's almost like they applied it at the factory. Looks great on paper, but image quality falls a long way short of the little Panasonic GM5 that I currently use as a travel camera.Hopefully the next version of this camera will have a better-quality lens and EVF. because of the size and I'm done with changing lenses. I'm a month into a trip in Canada and have been using TZ110 (Australian version of ZS100), and very pleased with it.I don't see how this could earn a Gold Award except in the sense that the author observes that it doesn't have any direct competition for mid-range zoom in a compact form factor paired to a 1" sensor.

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company announced the DMC-ZS100 (TZ100 outside of North America), which took the guts of the FZ1000 and shrank the body down to the roughly the size of a Sony RX100 IV.In terms of equivalent aperture (which takes into account sensor size), the ZS60 is effectively around 2 stops 'slower' than the ZS100. For one, the ZS100 can capture roughly four times the total light at every focal length, if you keep the aperture open and use the same shutter speed.Since the sensor is gathering more light, you get a better signal-to-noise ratio, which in turn leads to higher image quality.This will be especially noticeable in low light, when the ISO needs to go up.


There's another benefit to having a 1" sensor rather than the 1/2.3" one.

You reach the Panasonic section and see the DMC-ZS60, which offers a 30X zoom and costs 0, next to the ZS100 which 'only' has a 10X zoom but costs 0 more.


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