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'If you look at the boys, Joshua is growing leaps and bounds and De Andre was the weakest of the boys. Unless Jennifer who's been supporting him through the entire show saves him. ''She took that great performance and stage presence, combined it with a great vocal with great power. If she continues this, she can win the whole thing.''Hollie's problem is that she’s approaching this as a high school performer,' he said, agreeing with the judges' criticism of her rendition of What A Feeling.

'And last night wasn’t even a good high school performance. She probably sang it incredibly in the dressing room.

when we were all pushing to do something that we really wanted.” Asked what would they be doing if they didn’t get into the show, each of the “Idols” gave different answers—except for Jessica, who said, “This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

It’s been in my head since I was 10.” The rest of the “Idols” affirmed the life-changing status they felt during and after the show.

Jessica even talked about her mother being an inspiration to her, "There’s a lot of things like my past that I went through, but I get my inspiration from my mom. She’s so hardworking and she’s always been behind my career. You got to pick things back.’ She’s like ‘You were born to do this.’ She’s like my mentor.

She just pushes me to keep going and just gives me the drive to." But, apart from her family, she has somebody else to admire in her life now, and it is her boyfriend, Rickie Gallardo.

Jessica opened up talking about her association with American Idol, is such a big platform. I went on the show not thinking I was going to make it that far at all because there was so many talented people that auditioned. Every single round, I was like ‘I’m probably going to home now.’ It was pretty amazing to me to make it that far. Moreover, Jessica admires her mom a lot, and she draws inspiration from her mother. When I feel down, she’s like ‘Girl, what you talkin’ about?

It will be special as it will also be the last tour date of the Idols Live Tour.


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