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Aly Raisman details the alleged assaults that she endured for years while being treated by Dr. She writes that it all began when she was 15 and practicing through her pain in Australia ahead of a meet.

A USA Gymnastics official suggested that she get treated by Dr.

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Raisman, who is the most high profile victim to emerge, has said that she will not go into specific detail about Nassar's alleged abuse.


'I felt guilty for thinking badly of someone everyone else liked.'Raisman reveals though that she never had these experiences with other doctors.'When I lay on my stomach to have my hamstrings worked on, towels were draped over my hips and buttocks for privacy and to ensure there was no inappropriate skin-to-skin contact.

That is when USA Gymnastics stepped in she claims, and stopped her outreach.'Shortly after she left, it hit me.



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